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Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Birmingham knows how important the chimney and fireplace can be to a home, especially during the cold autumn and winter months. Proper maintenance is not only advised but required if you want to use your chimney & fireplace safely and efficiently.

We here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep promise to give you top quality safety inspections and services by professional chimney sweeps.

Guarantee Your Home’s Safety with Regular Inspections


Our Company recommends recommends at the minimum an annual chimney inspection. The inspector checks for many different sorts of damage or hazards in these inspections, from the sooty build-up to ventilation damage. We here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Birmingham can find an address these issues in your home.

From lightning strikes to hurricanes, mother nature is not kind to chimneys. Around the Gulf Coast, storms are a prevalent issue, and storms love to damage chimneys; said damage effects could range from not letting smoke escape properly, which speeds along with the accumulation of creosote, and risk carbon-dioxide poisoning, to water damage risking the structural integrity of your home. Damages caused by these events are to be spotted and addressed by our workers.

Regular inspections clean up the flammable build-up left inside your chimney after burning plant-based fuel. The flames started within the chimney from this build-up are much hotter than those in the fireplace proper. This gunk, a combination of tar and soot most often named creosote, can restrict airflow or ignite into a blaze that may spread out to the rest of your home. You can trust our experts to clean these chemicals out and correctly perform a twenty-one-point safety inspection.

Moisture is the worst for your chimney as it can cause several complex issues on its lonesome. Chimney masonry is susceptible to water’s freeze and thawing, which cause the bricks and stones that make up the body to warp, expand, contract, and eventually crack till they break away. This is dangerous as, ultimately, the chimney is liable to collapse into the house, possibly endangering those within and causing expensive home damage.

The water absorbed into the masonry can also cause draft issues, as the bricks cool the hot air and let it sink back into the home, risking carbon dioxide poisoning once more. Our water damage repair experts will ensure you don’t have to worry too much about these issues, waterproofing your chimney and ensuring any prior damage is fixed.


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“Patrick came out to repair our chimney cap, our old one rusted away. He did a great job and installed it fast. It was affordable.”

-Liz Tatum

“They sent Tim the tech out and he did an excellent job. Very good quality work. I will be recommending this company.”

-Jim Cannon

“Great Experience, Quality Work, and Reasonably Priced. Tim was awesome and I will be recommending this company”

-Juanita Cobb

“Excellent Excellent job. So honest in every way. We are very happy and satisfied with their work. And it was a lot..
-Barbara McMains

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Services offered by Chimney Sweep Birmingham


Inspections: We offer the 21-points safety inspection that is guaranteed to locate any hazard or problems that might cause problems for you or your home.


Installations: We are skilled in the installation of prefabricated or masonry chimneys and fireplaces. We also install ash-dump doors, clean-out doors, wood stoves, and more!


Animal Removal: Just like humans, animals love any place wherein they may rest to escape the cold. Chimneys provide the perfect resting place. As such, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and many birds may often be found tucked away in fireplaces and chimneys. The problem happens that when they crawl inside chimneys, these creatures often get stuck, build a nest, or otherwise cause damage. Our technicians are trained in the art of safely and humanely removing these critters for both their safety and yours so you can rest assured that these animals will be taken out without any harm coming to them. In addition, we offer standard chimney cap installations to keep these critters from ever coming into the chimney again.


Masonry Repairs: As a professional chimney sweep service, we here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Birmingham are trained in the art of repairing all kinds of masonry from crown repair, flue repair, relining, storm damage repair, and more!


Water Damage Services: As there is hardly a day in which the Gulf Coast region does not experience rain, we make sure to be aware of any possible damage due to this. This damage might appear in the form of mold or rust which might lead to more complications. If you notice any water damage in need of urgent care, do not hesitate; call Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Birmingham today to give you peace of mind!


Creosote Removal: Creosote, a common bi-product of wood-burning fires, presents a real danger to your home as it is very flammable and can build up in your chimney. This also presents a problem when you breathe it in your day-to-day lives. If you suspect there’s a creosote problem in your chimney or it has been more than a year since your last inspection, do not hesitate and give your local Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Birmingham a call today so we can make sure that it is removed without causing harm to you or your home.

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