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Our Technicians have over 100 years of combined experience!

Chimney Sweeps

What happens when damage, creosote buildup, or other dangers are present? We offer the best sweeps in town.

Chimney Inspections

Here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweeps, we want to be sure your fireplace & chimney is ready when you are.

Creosote Removal

Creosote is not something you want in your chimney, but it’s likely something you have in your chimney.

Water Leak Repair

Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama specializes in chimney water leak repair and have the tools, products, and know-how to keep water out of your chimney for good.

Animal Removal

You may be wondering, why would a bird or animal choose to nest in a chimney anyway?

Chimney Repairs

We have the tools, products, and knowledge for all your chimney repair needs. Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama provides services from the best technicians around.

Flue Liner Repair

Your chimney flue is a vital part of the chimney venting system. Over time, heat, creosote, and other acidic byproducts can leave damage.

Guarantee Your Home’s Safety with Regular Inspections

Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection, Sweep, and Repair


Our Company recommends a chimney should be inspected at minimum once every year to ensure the safety of your fireplace. During this inspection, the inspector is looking for any signs of damage or hazards that might make it dangerous to light a fire in your fireplace. These hazards range from the sooty build-up that occurs from any typical fire over time to ventilation damage.

We here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama are skilled in addressing these issues and many more.

Whether from an errant lightning strike to the elemental strength of a hurricane, homes are constantly assaulted by nature, especially on the Gulf Coast.

When disaster strikes and your chimney suffers damage from any natural disaster, never fear for our experts at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama are here to help.

Damage ranging from a problem in which smoke is not allowed to escape properly, which will in turn speed up the accumulation of creosote, and risk carbon-dioxide poisoning, to water damage which threatens the structural integrity of your home can happen on a day-to-day basis.

Our workers are trained to identify these issues and easily solve them.

Regular inspections clean up the flammable build-up left inside your chimney after burning plant-based fuel. The flames started within the chimney from this build-up are much hotter than those in the fireplace proper.

This gunk, a combination of tar and soot most often named creosote, can restrict airflow or ignite into a blaze that may spread out to the rest of your home. You can trust our experts to clean these chemicals out and correctly perform a twenty-one-point safety inspection.

Moisture is the worst for your chimney as it can cause several complex issues on its lonesome. Chimney masonry is susceptible to water’s freeze and thawing, which cause the bricks and stones that make up the body to warp, expand, contract, and eventually crack till they break away.

This is dangerous as, ultimately, the chimney is liable to collapse into the house, possibly endangering those within and causing expensive home damage.

The water absorbed into the masonry can also cause draft issues, as the bricks cool the hot air and let it sink back into the home, risking carbon dioxide poisoning once more.

Our water damage repair experts will ensure you don’t have to worry too much about these issues, waterproofing your chimney and ensuring any prior damage is fixed.

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Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Fireplace and Chimney Experts

Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama

Whether for cozying up to a nice, warm fire on a cold Winter night or to roast marshmallows, Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama knows how important the fireplace is to your home. As such, we have dedicated over 30 years to servicing your chimney and fireplace. Best of all, we have experienced chimney sweeps who serve locally in Mobile, Alabama.

What is a Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is a professional chimney technician who ensures homes are safe to use their fireplaces. Despite people knowing that chimney cleaning is very important, many people neglect to do this task, or they attempt to do it themselves.

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been in business for over 30 years and are dedicated to providing excellent service to Pensacola residents. The chimney sweeps at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama will make sure that your fireplace and chimney system looks and operates its best.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Chimney Sweeps

There are many benefits that come with hiring a professional chimney sweep. Regular cleanings improve the efficiency of your chimney system, prevent chimney fires, odors, and smoke problems, and can identify potential hazards before they cause harm to your home.

Protect Your Home

We take the safety of you, your family, and your home very seriously. With our regular cleanings, inspections, and repairs, our technicians work to guarantee that safety to ensure both your fireplace and chimney are safe to use.

The National Fire Prevention Association recommends having your chimney cleaned at least once a year or when buildup reaches 1/8th of an inch. Any more buildup puts your chimney at risk of catching fire, which could be devastating for you and your home.


Stone Brick Chimney

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Breathe Better Air

Air quality is everything to a home and those who live in it. Any blockages in your chimney will affect the quality of air in the home or building. When there is no place for smoke from the fire to escape, it will fill the home or building quickly.

As you know, the smoke is extremely harmful to breathe in. Sooty build-ups are not the only blockages that can cause smoke. Hiring a professional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney will prevent not only this issue but many others from happening. Also, they will ensure the smoke can escape your chimney properly.

Our Services


Inspections: We employ the 21-point safety inspection, guaranteed to locate any hazard or problems that might cause problems for you or your home.


Installations: We offer professional prefabricated or masonry chimney and fireplace installation. Also, we install ash-dump doors, clean-out doors, wood stoves, and more!


Animal Removal: Just like us, humans critters love chimneys. Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, and many Birds often find themselves stowing away in fireplaces and chimneys. However, when they get into chimneys, they often get stuck, build a nest, or otherwise cause damage. We have trained our technicians to safely and humanely remove these critters for both their safety and yours. As additional insurance, we offer a standard cap installation to keep them out.


Masonry Repairs: We here at Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile AL are trained to repair masonry: crown repair, flue repair, relining, storm damage, and more!


Water Damage Services: As stated before, water is the archnemesis of your chimney, and they have many encounters along the Gulf Coast. Besides damage to the masonry, water brings along mold and rust. If you see signs of water damage, it is urgent that you call Gulf Coast Chimney Sweep Mobile to handle it right.


Creosote Removal: Also explained before, creosote is a real danger to your home. It is the number one cause of chimney fires and can prove harmful even when not ablaze. We will make sure that it is removed without causing harm to you or your home.

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Welcome to the “Port City”

Top things to do in Mobile

  • The history Museum of Mobile
  • Battleship USS Alabama
  • National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Mobile Carnival Museum
  • Mardi Gras
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
  • Mobile Bay
  • Oakleigh Period Museum House

Set along the Gulf of Mexico at the head of Mobile Bay, Mobile Alabama is a historic city with beautiful old homes, lovely squares, and a vibrant cultural scene. This port city is also home to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, one of the main attractions along this stretch of coast.

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